My First Interview.period

On 26th july 2016, Accolite came to our college for placements. Whole recruitment process was in a day. The day has began with a keynote presentation by one of the top ranked employee from Accolite. We were given brief about Accolite and its services.  Presentation session was finished by 11:30am. After short Q/A session we were asked to go to our labs for objective test.

Objective test has started at 11:45am. we had few technical difficulties due to which we couldn’t see the next question but timer was running. So, We were asked to logout of that session and wait till the problem is resolved. A new objective test was conducted and this time had no problem (always wonder how they managed to resolve the problem so quickly!). Nevertheless I did not get any aptitude questions this time but other technical questions are not easy as well.  We also had negative marking. Most of the questions were from geekquiz. I could solve a fair share a questions. After completion of the test we are sent to seminar hall to wait for the results. Within 20min we got our results and surprisingly out of 150+ candidates only 39 got shortlisted for next round. Second round was a subjective test.

Subjective test has started around 1:00pm. We were given a set of 3 questions and supposed to write code for it. I felt questions bit hard because I haven’t solved questions like that before. We were given 1hr time to answer all 3 questions. Questions I got are:

  1. Given 2 arrays check whether 2 arrays are isomorphic when BST is constructed. They asked try not to create a BST.
  2. Given sum S check how many possible ways are there to reach the sum S with 3, 5, 10.
  3. Given an array which has digits ranging from 0 to 9. Find the minimum sum when all the elements of the array are made into 2 numbers.

They said correction of subjective paper might take a long time so meanwhile we had our lunch. After long 2hr we got out results. I was really tensed at that point of time. But luckily my name was the first. Then I told to myself that “You have come far enough to go back”. Initially we were said that we will be having 2 technical rounds followed by a HR round. Technical interviews quickly started and I was the one of the first people to go for technical round.

Technical Interview round 1:

First I was asked few basic questions like tell me about yourself, what is your project etc. Then we quickly dived into questions. Questions were fairly easy and I could solve them with minimum strain. Questions asked are:

  1. Reverse a single linked list.
  2. Find max element using stack in O(1) complexity.
  3. Explain me about DFS algorithm.

Finally, I was asked to tell about my project which I completely screwed up! I couldn’t recollect technical terms and and other details. I came out and was sure that I lost the opportunity.

Technical Interview round 2:

This round was a nightmare to me. I was asked a matrix problem which I couldn’t get any answer. Then I was asked a linked list problem for which I could get the solution. Interviewer was really nice to me. Even though I am able to get optimal solution I was continuously motivated by him and keep my cool. I was asked to wait outside for the feedback.

questions asked:

  1. Given mxn matrix, find minimum cost from (0, 0) to (m-1, n-1).
  2. Addition of 2 linked list.

Technical Interview round 3:

This was supposed to be both HR and technical. I was asked a tree related problem which I could solve in 10min and write code in 5min. Interviwere liked my approach. Second question was about array. Then I was asked few basic questions. Finally we asked whether i had any questions for me ? I asked couple of questions and He asked me to wait outside for results.

After longest 45min in my life, whole panel came and said that they are thinking that out 5 candidates left we are positive about 3. But he said he needs only 2 people. He said he will choose by a chit game. I was really scared that I came this far and whether I get a job or not is depended on luck….? to be continued.



How do I learn something new ?

In computer science there is lot innovation going on. It is believed that technology is improving every second. In this day and age where there are tons of new things that you don’t know . Sometimes it becomes overwhelming. It is surely hard and unreasonable to pin point a specific technology. In my view , I have 2 keywords that motivate me to learn anything new, Curiosity and Necessity.

Not only computer science , anything like learning to play guitar definitely takes lot of time and effort. I try to schedule myself to make room for this. A blunt fact I have learnt is that curiosity is certainly needed to kick start the process of learning but it is not all it needs. Motivation to learn/put extra effort may die sooner or later but if you try to make learning a habit , you feel like there is something missing whenever you skip it .

There are numerous options to decide what to learn, for example , in mobile application development apart from mainstream application development software like android,IOS or windows the application development environments itself are huge in number. A good research and knowing pros and cons of every technology is equally important to start learning one.Internet is a great source ! But for a single technology there are tons of resources. After a good research , stick to one online resource to maintain the consistency.

 you never lose, You either win or learn