Beginning ML – Intro & Installation: KnowDev

It’s been a long since I’ve posted. But I’m back with the most interesting and trending concept i.e machine learning. I have just started learning ML and I want to share my whole experience. Hence I will be posting regularly all the new things I’m learning and various sources etc.  Tune in because as I’m a noob to ML my experience and resources I’m posting here will be a great use for someone who wanna start learning ML.

I’m using tensorflow on python2. Tensorflow is library maintained by Google. It contains various utility functions which can perform complex calculations. After all ML is result of complex math models and computations. In tensorflow, we can model a neural network and train it and also test with great ease. So let’s get into it but before we actually start working we need to install tensorflow library !  Tensorflow can very easily installed on Linux or Mac Os. We can work with tensorflow on windows only through virtual machine or docker. I’m using ubuntu hence tensorflow can be installed just like any other library in python i.e using pip.

Following are the commands to install tensorflow. Note that I’m using python2.

#ubuntu/Linux 64-bit 

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev

Above is just for installing pip if not already present.

Tensorflow is available for both CPU and GPU versions. As of now I’m using CPU version.

# Ubuntu/Linux 64-bit, CPU only, Python 2.7


Tensorflow installation will be completed with the following command, And you can test it by just importing tensorflow and running the python file. If you don’t get any errors you are good to go.

sudo pip install –upgrade $TF_BINARY_URL