ChatBot: KnowDev

Chat bots are big thing nowadays ! Every other big or small company wants to create its own chatbot. Chat bots got their craze because of the inception of modern methods in machine learning. There are many ways one can create their own chat bots. Some are very simple and straightforward and some are bit tough to understand.

As chat bots are becoming so popular even I wanted to make my hands dirty making one for myself. There are many platforms on to which one can launch their chatbots. I have choosen facebook messenger mainly because of it’s popularity. Then I came across, It is a platform powered by machine learning mainly to create conversation apps. I wanted to start simple by creating a simple chat bot without any actual logic behind the scenes. Hence I thought of an app called “KnowDev“. The main aim of the the project was to create a chatbot which is capable of answering all the questions related to the developer of the facebook page. But to make things more interesting I wanted to compete this project in a day, technically <12hrs.

Following is the log of all the events from start to deployment of this chatbot.

11:30 a.m – Start

I had no knowledge about what and how should I proceed to make this project. All I had was a idea about resources. I have started reading through the documentation. Learnt some vocabulary and started building an test app along the way.

2:30 p.m – break

I almost got most of the basics done and I have to say the documentation is really good that any novice programmer can understand. I was implementing all the topics I was reading in the documentation in the test app.

3:55 p.m – project start

I have started the project by first writing down major conversation with my char bot. After getting a good idea of how should I proceed with my chat bot I’ve started the actual development. I have experimented few things, I have made few mistakes during the process. Finally my chat bot looked pretty decent and could able to answer about few topics right. Then I moved to next phase of my development i.e testing.

I made my sister test my chat bot and found out few loop holes. I have fixed those and chat bot was working fine for those particular topics. My next phase was deployment.

I have deployed my chat bot using heroku. The process of deployment was really easy and was not at all tough (almost ! :P). I have tested chatbot directly on my facebook messenger and was working like angel. But later I have realised that the app was not public and I had to submit this app for review to facebook. I have created privacy policy using After adding the link to privacy policy in facebook developer dashboard I have submitted my app for review.

10:46 p.m-  Done !

Submitted app for review. I have to wait for another 5 days for review process to complete. As I had time before my 12 hrs could complete, I have decided to write down this blog in time.

It was an awesome productive day ! Next I will be looking into using this into my backend services and generate dynaic responses. I haven’t decided on what platform I should be developing my next chat bot but it would be one amongst android or python.


my work space after 12hrs of project

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