Why taking decisions are so hard ? Is it because you are not sure of what gonna happen or You just really not passionate about it ?

There are few decisions in life that change our lives forever, Sometimes in a good ways or sometimes in bad ways. Before thinking about the consequences. Lets first get this clear, Who is making the decisions , Do we have complete control ? or is it just life forcing you to do things ? When I think about these questions I always wonder what if I’ve had taken another path ? But the person I’m right now is consequence of decisions I’ve taken. Whether to ride my bicycle down the road and having the scar for life time or few words which I couldn’t tell my dearest ones etc. But right now I’m happy ! There are many paths and so many possibilities.

Some times I even think whether I’m overthinking of the decisions I made in the past. But the whole point about this argument in my head is the decisions I have to take today to shape my future. There are so many people might be affected by your own decision. In that case should you really consider about your self or ask others for suggestion. If you are asking for suggestion then the decision you are making is truly not your own. My simple question is can you really have complete control over the situation ? or is is just a illusion ?

There are so many answers and certainly so many unanswered questions. But now I know how to take a decision even in a chaotic situation. There are 2 secrets 1) Time 2) Gut feeling

Time gives you possibilities and gut feeling gives you courage to choose a possibility and go ahead in life. With time you are introduced to many truths that you are aren’t aware of. I understood what gut feeling truly is ! I surely cannot explain how it feels but when it just feels right no matter what. It is gut feeling. Think positively and keep mind fresh and every decision you (or you think you) make is right. It is right because after all it is meant to be this way. So many paths and yet to same destination.

Take time and listen to your gut. Few decisions are made that last forever, Right or Wrong a decision is made. In future you may be glad or sorry that you made a decision , nevertheless you made a decision. Face it !