Learning SpringFramework

I have started learning Spring Framework which could be useful for my job. I want to share techniques I apply to learn a new technology and get most of it.

  1. Find the basic application of the technology.
  2. Find a tutorial series (Its better to follow one tutorial or at most 2).
  3. Apply what you learn at the same time.
  4. When in doubt, Always google and understand about it.
  5. Experiment on the new things you have learnt.

Above are the default steps I take to learn anything new. Always learn by implementing what you have read. If possible start a building a project and slowly build upon. Remember that your first project will be the most childish thing you have ever written but that’s fine ! the whole point is understanding the working of the technology. Always read the errors and try to solve them by yourself before googling. Nowadays, Error messages are so intuitive that half of the solution is displayed in the error message itself. Understanding those messages makes a better debugger. Any new thing you gotta suffer a lot! and that’s for sure. but make sure that you learn from your mistakes and try not to make them next time. Writing same code once again or doing same project once again is not a shame. Some times to get the full understanding you make required to write the project once again from scratch but it only makes you a better programmer.

Personally, I liked spring framework ! I’m no well aware of the technology to make any final calls. This was my first hands-on day. I’m following 2 tutorial series and online documentation from “tutorialpoint” because the video series are couple of years back and I bit skeptical about the changes in the latest versions. Right now I’m coding in eclipse IDE but I may shift to other IDE. Topics covered for today are :

  • Setting up the environment for Spring.
  • Writing my first spring application
    •  Creating a basic classes
    • Writing SpringConfig.xml
    • Understanding life cycle of bean
  • Constructor dependency injection.