Challenge : PinInterest clone in 15 days using Backbone.js and Django

I’ve taken up a challenge to create a pin interest clone app using backbone.js and django. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I will learn backbone.js and will try to implement some way or the other. So, to make things more interesting and challenging I’ve committed to myself to take up this challenge. This is my first of this kind. This challenge was inspired by a youtuber who created 12 apps in 12 weeks. That’s in fact a great feat. I wanted to take things bit slow by starting with 2 week challenge and last day for deployment.

Work strategy:

  1. Set up server side using Django framework.
  2. Build front end using Backbone.js and make good UI.
  3. Integrate front-end and back-end simultaneously.

Expected challenges:

  1. Creating a good UI.
  2. User authentication.
  3. Separate Blob database needed or not ? not sure

Challenge will start in 2 days !  All my progress will be shared as posts.. Tune in for more action

[update] Due to some reasons challenge is postponed to a week or so. Details will be updated soon.

[update] Challenge starts today

[update] Challenge discontinued because got stuck with new more important ones. Project is completed till all the basics functionalities .