BlogMe : Deployed!

First things first, app is deployed on not on heroku. Why? discussed below.

Deploying BlogMe in fact took more than expected time. One reason is shifting to pyhtonanywhere. Pythonanywhere is a great place to deploy your django app for the first. It is very intuitive and fairly straight forward. As this is my first time I did not have enough knowledge and also I couldn’t find good source on internet also. I have reached out to few of my friends to find out  how this could  be done ? After finding out the basic information I started pushing code to github and cloning in pythonanywhere. ( FUN FACT: I did cloning of my code atleast 6 times before app deploying ). I mainly learnt a lot from errors and tried to correct them. Finally after so much time I could deploy the app, but wait! Things are always not that easy! I could see the first page but when I clicked any link I used to get templateDoesNotExist error. Understanding the reason behind this took almost 3hrs. The reason was directories in pythonanywhere are searched with case sensitive. I had to contact a developer of pythonanywhere to find out why is this ? He explained me that it is due difference in OS. They are using LINUX and I use WINDOWS.

In this process I have learnt a bit of version controlling pyCharm also.

Had a great learning from this project. There are few bugs to be fixed. so, I may work for 1-2 hrs to fix and we are good to go.

Here is the link to BlogMe :