Day5: Building BlogMe

It was a great experience overall ! Django is after rapid website development tool. BlogMe has got its basic features up and running. On Day1 I did not have any idea on how can I make ajax requests but now I can make requests and take responses from server in a far more matured way. Stackoverflow helped me a lot when it came to Jquery and ajax, questions and answers did not match to my requirements exactly therefore I had to extract information whatever was needed to me. Honestly I’m understanding the necessity of Backbone.js (HAHA). BlogMe v2.0  front-end certainly would be developed using backbone.js. There is lot to learn in ajax too I’m not done with it yet ! I will continuously keep adding features as I get time.

My next step is to deploy and make app live. I have 2 options I can deploy using AWS or heroku. I have chosen for heroku (reason ? mainly because it’s completely free and also servers my purpose). In fact I have seen few tutorials and documentation of heroku before.

Finally, I found my strengths and weaknesses in the process of building BlogMe. As I have acknowledged them I will try to improve upon and implement them in my future projects. I hope my next post would be a short one and probably only a direct link to live site.