Day4: Building BlogMe

Most of the application is done by completing user authentication ! I had a great learning today. Got a chance to learn a lot of new things about user authentication and access permissions. It was fun coding today.  Final tweaks have to be done on Day5 before I start making ajax requests. I’m really not aware how it’s done but I’m pumped up to learn all about ajax. I have researched a bit on google and youtube, Got a little understanding but I have to experiment before I get full understanding.

BlogMe is not the greatest blogging site you can find on internet but it servers the purpose. I feel very happy and proud that I could come this far in just 4 days ! What if I get a good solid week ? feels amazing to me! I will continuously keep adding new features to BlogMe until it is next wordpress!

My tasks for Day5 would be using ajax to make form submissions.