10Days After MissionRnD

It has been exactly 10 days since I came home back from MisssionRnd. I miss the continuous excitement of “what new will I learn tomorrow” and hostel life. Within 24 days I did not imagine how close people can get, I miss the amazing peers who are always ready to help when in need. I certainly miss mentors who were always been astonishingly patient and clam. And last but not least the amazing faculty.

Can just 24 days influence you ? Yeah! It did for me!

I see change in my thinking and behavior, sometimes I’m feeling strange about myself (ha-ha). I’ve become more clam and become a better listener (knowledge acquired from mentors). Even though how lame and obscure the other person’s logic is I’m first trying to listen to whole thing they say and then speak. Whenever I speak I’m trying to give good explanation for “why I’m right!” or “why I can be wrong!“. Nevertheless I’m not forgetting the fact that “there always will be something that you can learn from other person”. I feel very mature and confident about myself. I’m trying to help others without giving any insane excuses for not doing. I have to say I’m feeling very proud whenever I extend my arm to help.

My college has started the day I came back from MissionRnd. Balancing college work and MissionRnd work is becoming more and more harder as my placements are approaching fast. I’ve learnt that I am not proficient at quantitative aptitude.so, I’m giving my extra time for that too. I was never bad at managing time. When I was working as intern I had to manage my time to maximize time for internship work and also for college assignments and projects. I can proudly say that I have amazingly management my time that I could complete my internship work within deadline and could complete all assignments and projects with ‘A’ grade. I confident that I can manage to time all the projects of MissionRnd and at same time prepare for my placements and also complete the assignments given in college. But the only glitch is I’m not able to write the programs that can be used by other people. I have to say there are situations when smallest of small bug can irritate you and eat up your time. But previously when that happen I used hit the bed and thought to deal with it later, But now I staying up late night just to kill that bug and make my program working. Results are really amazing !

One of my biggest change in me is that now I’m googling every single thing , every word I come across that I’m unaware of. People beside are sometimes get irritated about this but soon they start participating with me and google along with me. Sometimes this becomes like a treasure hunt game. I google one word and I come across an another word I google that and I come across an another word and so on.

Placements, interviews, written tests, projects there is lot of scope for stress. Hence, I’m making sure that I practice EFT once in a day.

I’m very happy and proud that I am part of a great program called MissionRnD which has given me lessons for life.