To Peri sir and KC sir,

When I came back home after 24 days nothing has changed . My mom’s love which has been infinity was still infinity,  My father’s care has always been a eternal in disguise and still was the same,  My room always had a single bed, a reading table and nothing has changed (in fact , they were even more neat this time) But everything else is same. I woke up this(21-8-16) morning everything was same . The morning sounds of birds , My mom doing the same morning routine and my dad trying to help my mom. In spite I feel difference in the way I look at things. I’m seeing things a little differently this time.

My first day at MRND was confusing treat and also I was a little worried about how my performance would be in coming days. But I was very excited about the things I will be able to learn at MRND. It is no doubt that that excitement did not fade away even till the last day. I got a chance to express myself and understand what I’m good at and what I’m not through soft skills exercises. As every person in the room were a complete stranger to me, I did not have any preconceived impressions. I understood that every person has something that you can learn. Peer learning was a great help to me .

Occasional talks by Peri sir and KC sir influenced me a lot. In every word I found a beautiful insight. I’m very happy and privileged that I got a chance to hear to all those amazing life lessons. Since then, I promised myself that I would work hard and sometimes even harder. At the same time I will also consider the fact that work is not only one aspect in your life. I’ll try to balance work and personal life.

I do not have words to express how proud and happy I’m feeling because I’ve got mentors  and lessons for life.

The only way I can show my gratitude is to give something back to MRND and I will ! I will be honored to be a part of MRND alumni and become a mentor to share the knowledge.

Thank you for everything,

Aravind M