Know How ? LIGO

BREAKING NEWS ! BREAKTHROUGH OF THE CENTURY ! GRAVITATIONAL WAVES DETECTED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME ! There is not a chance that you could have missed this news which is after all is the news of the century . Gravitational waves are detected for the first time on the earth by a extremely sensitive observatory LIGO . LIGO is abbreviation of “Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave observatory ” . Before talking about the technology behind the detection of these waves. Lets first try to answer what are gravitational waves and why haven’t we discovered them earlier itself ?

Gravitational waves can be visualized as ripples in actual space and time. These are just like ripples in water of a lake. Gravitational waves are generated by (they are generated by every object but are of very very very low intensity) massive objects like black hole or star that is more 30x the sun collide . This is first coined by Einstein a century back . Since then there were no physical evidence of them and also no technology sensitive enough. We are talking sensitivity at 1000th the diameter of a proton!

LIGO was first turned on September 18th , 2015 after 3 years of upgrade . And the moment they turned on the machine gravitational wave was detected ! It is from a massive collision of 2 black holes 13 billion light years away.


LIGO consists of lasers, mirrors and 2 vacuum tubes , that’s it ! (major components) . But the technology behind crafting these equipment was not achieved in the history of mankind. The idea behind LIGO is interference of light . The laser beams which are perpendicular to each other are traveled 4 km and bounce back the mirror and meet . Normally , When they meet back there should be no light detected as they cancel out each other  . But when a gravitational wave is passed through , The distance between the lasers travel is stretched and the next instant compressed and this happens until the wave pass by. This causes the lights to not cancel each other . The intensity of light detected is the measure of gravitational wave !

This has opened a new window to observe the space and understand the space in a new perspective . Super computers are now used to simulate the these effects are trace back in both space and time to solve the mystery of the greatest collision ever ! THE BIG BANG !

There is a new branch of science is being born.And surely needs a great help from computer scientists to solve the mysteries of the space.

The first note of the space.