Hi, I’m Aravind M . α


I’m a pre-final year student from Vasavi college of engineering pursuing computer science of engineering. I enjoy myself with positive people around me . I have got a few really good friends . I believe that the way you think and act towards your life is greatly influenced by the people around you. I’m very lucky in this topic, My family and friends are always there to encourage and support me.

My love for computers was since my childhood . I started playing with Adobe Photoshop when I was 12 years old. My dad introduced me to Adobe Photoshop , He showed the very basics and tools that make Photoshop different  from paint. Since then , I was hooked to that software and started experimenting with all the available tools ( At the age of 12-13 years , changing the skin colour of your sister photo and pranking her was an achievement! ). But Every time I was baffled by the internal working of the software. I strongly remember an Indian name on the splash screen of the Adobe Photoshop , and I always wanted to join Adobe to be a part of a team that made Photoshop and have my name one among those.

Now , I believe that I’m on the right path to my childhood ambition . Programming to me is integral part of my life or at least became part of my life . On my first lab day, When I executed my first C program ( believe me ! I took a lot of thinking on know how printf() in loop works ! ) I was sure that . THIS IS IT! Almost 3 year after that I’m happy ( definitely not regretting myself! ) with how I have escalated from a simple Printf() programming to doing many projects including self, external, academical like website development , doing intern as a Andriod developer , python etc. And now Mission RnD !

one day I’ll be at the place I always wanted to be